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Printing Input and Output

Posted in AFT Fathom, AFT Arrow, AFT Titan, AFT Impulse, AFT Mercury

You can print all of or select portions of your model data window in order to have a hard copy of your input. Likewise you can print all of or select portions of your output window in order to have a hardcopy of the output. Printing both of these windows allows you to have hardcopies and backups of everything you would need to perform calculation checks on your model.

After building your model and entering all of the required data, browse to the Model Data window and click “View/Model Data Control”. After setting up the input data to be displayed, click “View/Model Data Print Content.”

From this window, you can select which portions of the input data you would like to print. The process is the same for the output. After setting up the parameters you would like available, and setting up which portions of the input/output you would like to print, simply click File/Print.

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