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Can I install AFT xStream onto a local or wide area network?

Yes, AFT xStream can run off the network or local PC. When installed on a network, the number of concurrent users is limited to the number of licenses purchased. See the Installation page for information on installing the software with either a USB key or an eLicense.

How do I set up custom databases on my local PC or network?

See Custom Database Overview in the help documentation of the software.


Does AFT xStream handle sonic choking?
AFT xStream accurately models sonic choking at all three possible geometric conditions. See Sonic Choking in the Help Documentation for more information.


How do I automatically run multiple models right each after?

Multiple models can be run sequentially using the Batch Run feature.


How do AFT xStream's solution methods compare to traditional handbook methods for gas flow?

AFT xStream solves the governing equations of compressible flow without simplifying assumptions and is thus more accurate than traditional handbook methods. See the Solution Method Overview article in the AFT xStream Help system for more information.


How do I change the icon for a junction?

Open the Junction Properties window, click the Optional folder tab, and then click the Change Icon button.

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