AFT Fathom Demo

Streamline & Organize.
Steady state pipe flow modeling software to calculate pressures
and flow rates in liquid and low velocity gases. 

Why AFT Fathom? Fathom can help you model the most difficult systems. Create as many scenarios as you need and find the best solutions for your project.

At Applied Flow Technology (AFT) we work hand-in-hand with engineers around the world to ensure the software we develop is truly a tool that helps design solutions and builds innovation. 

Why AFT Fathom?
  • Clearly export data and graphs you can share with others for winning project reports
  • Goes into greater depth in modeling pumps than other software
  • Performs heat addition to the fluid as well as pressure drop
  • Has a feature called Scenario Manager which can handle all of the different variables a pipe system might encounter in a single model
  • Has add-on modules for transient (XTS), goal seeking (GSC), settling slurries (SSL) and automated network sizing (ANS). 

AFT Fathom Guided Demo

Complete the form to receive the demo in an email. If you do not receive the demo within two hours, please contact us and we will email a link to you.

This demo showcases our software through a series of example models designed to highlight specific features and capabilities.

Powerful Features


Import GIS Shapefiles, CAESAR II Neutral files and Piping Component Files (PCF) as well as import / export EPANET files


Excel Export Manager can automatically export data during a batch of scenarios. Data can be exported to specific cells.


"Test Drive" operating conditions and scenarios to determine sizes, pressures, temperatures, etc... to fix or upgrade systems


Accurately simulate individual system components interaction prior to building to ensure cost-effective & efficient designs
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