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ISO/ASME Energy Standards

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)/American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME) Energy Standards - sets the requirements for conducting and reporting the results of a pumping system energy assessment that considers the entire pumping system. The objective of a pumping system energy assessment is to determine the current energy consumption of an existing system and identify ways to improve system efficiency.

  • ISO/ASME 14414:2015 - designed to be applied, to open and closed-loop pumping systems typically used at industrial, institutional, commercial, and municipal facilities.
  • ISO/ASME 14414:2015 - assesses electrically-driven pumping systems, but is applicable with other types of drivers, such as steam turbines and engines, and drives such as belt. Goal is to reduce energy consumption by determining the minimal amount of energy required by various pump systems. the carbon footprint.


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