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Pump De-rating

The performance of a pump in a slurry system is often impacted by the nature of the slurry mixture being pumped. To compensate for this change in performance, the pump must be de-rated. AFT Fathom and AFT Impulse offer three methods to achieve this for settling slurries. The Settling Slurry add-on module for both AFT Fathom and AFT Impulse enables users to model their slurry pump’s performance with one of the three methods. The first is the ANSI/HI Standard 12.1-12.6-2011. The second is the Warman Method. And finally, users can input their own calculated values of CH, CQ, or CE (Cη).

Non-settling slurries are typically viscous and pump-derating can be calculated using the HI standard for viscosity corrections ANSI/HI Standard 9.6.7-2010.

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