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Pipelines consist of pipes connected to transport a fluid from one location to another. They can be as simple as two connected pipes, or as complex as thousands of pipes joined in intricate networks.

Pipelines can be hundreds of feet to thousands of miles/km long and are critical to many industries; sometimes to convey a product such as oil or gas from location to location (see Case Studies 1-3) and sometimes in more unique applications such as keeping a mine clear of water (see Case Study 4) or providing the infrastructure to operate a mine’s acid leaching system (see Case Study 5).

The necessity for the smooth operation of pipelines means that flow modeling is highly advisable in all stages of a pipeline’s life, whether that is in the design phase or several years after the pipe has been in operation. AFT software models steady state fluid flow (for both liquid pipelines with AFT Fathom and gas pipelines with AFT Arrow), as well as waterhammer/surge transients in liquid pipelines with AFT Impulse.


Case study 1: AFT Impulse Creative Modeling Technique for Multiple Pump Trip Conditions

Case study 2: AFT Impulse Finds Solution to Mitigate Surge Risk in Oil Pipeline

Case study 3: Crude Oil Booster Pump System Waterhammer Field Problem Solved Using AFT Impulse

Case study 4: Mine Dewatering System Validated Using AFT Fathom

Case study 5: High Accuracy Modeling of Copper Mine Pipeline Systems Using AFT Fathom

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