Welcome Simon Kitnick

Colorado Springs, CO, USA – May 30, 2023 - Applied Flow Technology (AFT) welcomes Simon Kitnick as an Applications Engineer. Simon received his BS in mechanical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.

Simon is a Colorado native who has had a passion for engineering and creative projects since his first engineering courses taken in middle school constructing Rube-Goldberg machines and making bottle rockets. Simon pursued his engineering career through high school and college with 3D printing, machining, and CAD. Some of Simon’s projects include an auditory feedback training system for Parkinson’s patients to overcome gait challenges, a functional vacuum former, and custom machined clamps. 

Simon enjoys video games and tennis in his spare time. He is excited to explore his new home in Colorado Springs and eager to begin his career with AFT.

In his role as an Applications Engineer, Simon will work with the support team to test and document software, maintain training programs, and help users troubleshoot their flow analysis models.

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