AFT Software New Versions

AFT Releases New Features to Help Engineering Teams Streamline & Organize

Confidently calculate pressures and flow rates in hydraulic and compressible gas systems

Colorado Springs, CO USA – December 28, 2021 -- Applied Flow Technology (AFT) has released new versions of two of their flagship software products. AFT Fathom for modeling steady-state incompressible fluids has advanced to version 12; and AFT Arrow for modeling steady-state compressible gas flow has advanced to version 9.

With each version, AFT aims to improve and balance efficient user workflow with enhanced capabilities, and backend improvements that help the applications run smoother and faster.

This latest cycle of releases builds upon many of the features AFT users have become accustomed to while helping them streamline the process to build and analyze systems individually or as a team.

Some common new features users will see in these new versions include:

  1. Streamline your setup from the new Analysis Setup window, a user-friendly workflow condensing 14 model-wide specification windows into 1
  2. Compile data for custom components, pipes, and fluids into the revised Library Manager to save time, share common data among your team, and avoid input error
  3. Warnings, errors and Design Alerts shown in the Output are now color coded and organized in a prioritized list for quick review
  4. Visually analyze alternatives with Multi-Scenario Graphing, comparing profile graphs from multiple scenarios on a single plot

An engineer’s time is their most valuable resource. AFT understands the need for efficiency and accuracy. That is why with every new version, AFT software helps engineers to model efficiently while designing safer and more reliable systems. View the full list of new features in each product below.


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