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Using Flow Modeling for Efficient Upgrades and Expansions

Using Flow Modeling for Efficient Upgrades and Expansions

Colorado Springs, CO, USA -- December 3, 2020 -- The December issue of Pump Engineer Magazine highlights an article written by Stephanie Villars, Applications Engineer with Applied Flow Technology. In the article, Villars dives into three areas. Though the recommendations in the article above may seem obvious, all of the considerations offered are important when troubleshooting and improving pumping systems. 

Adapting existing systems based on changing requirements is not simple. Engineers are required to work with outdated schematics, limited measurements, demanding requirements, and tight budgets. Although improving on existing systems is a daunting task, network modeling can help to reveal weaknesses in the system and operating equipment that may not have been apparent from system operation.

Many projects require major changes to a processing facility beyond expected maintenance and equipment replacement; malfunctioning equipment, failure to meet demands, increased demands on the existing process, etc.

Regardless of the reason, there are three key philosophies for an effective modeling process: 

1. Analyze the whole system
2. Be creative
3. Think long term

In the current information age taking advantage of advanced tools that are available in the market today can help to reveal small details that are not obvious in day-to-day plant operations which have a big impact on productivity.


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