Understanding Waterhammer in Pumping Systems and Surge Suppression Options

Trey WaltersApplied Flow Technology, USA, with Amy Marroquin and Frank Smith III, BLACOH Surge Control, Riverside California, USA - Presented at the 48th Turbomachinery & 35th International Pump Users Symposia Houston, Texas USA | September 9, 2019  - Copyright © 2019, by Turbomachinery Laboratory, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station

Abstract: Waterhammer in pumping systems is an area of frequent concern to designers and operators. Waterhammer has the potential to cause catastrophic failures if not properly addressed. System designers have multiple options to mitigate waterhammer in the basic design. These include pipe system design, check valve selection and motor or pneumatically operated valve selection and actuation. In some cases, surge suppression is required. Suppression options include surge vessels, relief systems, vacuum breaker valves and air release valves. This paper provides an overview of the waterhammer phenomenon, resources for engineers to assess waterhammer issues at the design stage and, for problematic systems already in operation, the issues involved with various surge suppression options.

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