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Using Branch Junctions to Model Desuperheaters

Superheated steam is often used in mechanical power applications, such as driving turbines. For heating or industrial processes, however, saturated steam is more efficient. Desuperheaters are used to lower the temperature of superheated steam, so that it can be more effectively used in industrial processes. A desuperheater lowers the temperature of the steam by injecting water. Now, the question is, how can you model a desuperheater within AFT Arrow? AFT Arrow  is a single-phase program for compressible flow, so it cannot model liquid water. Conveniently though, there is a feature built into the branch junction that can model a desuperheater. You...
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Jake Miller

Calculating Pressure Drop Across Sharp-Edged Perforated Plates

Sometimes design engineers will install a screen to protect equipment like centrifugal pumps. Screens are available in a variety of configurations and each has its own head loss characteristics. As such, this article will strictly discuss thin-walled perforated plates with uniform diameter holes. AFT Fathom provides a screen junction that allows users to choose from four different screen types; Perforated Plate (Sharp-Edged), Perforated Plate (Round-Edged), Circular Wire, and Silk Thread Screen. Every screen has an open flow area that allows the working fluid to bypass the screen while restricting any foreign objects that are not able to pass through this area....
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This article is very good! I got much things from your articles. I think it is much better if you can add a tool in AFT Fathom t... Read More
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Jake Miller

Blast off with a revolutionary feature, Rotational Acceleration!

The success of rotating hydraulic systems could revolve around the methods employed, make sure to use only the best when modeling such a system. As the surge of space travel innovation continues, safety always comes to mind.  All too often the hazards of traveling through the colloquial final frontier prove the necessity of double checking calculations and the validity of the adage, units kill.  With the large number of piping networks that can rotate around an axis in the absence of the earth’s typical gravitational pull rotating objects involved in space flight, these systems are no exception to the hard-learned lessons...
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