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Use Bookmarks to Accelerate Model Navigation

Posted in AFT Fathom, AFT Arrow, AFT Titan, AFT Impulse, AFT Mercury

AFT software has a variety of features for editing and navigating around models. One of these is the ability to define and then easily jump to bookmarks.

So, what are bookmarks? A bookmark is an identified location, a junction or pipe, within a model. To create a bookmark, select a junction or pipe by clicking it once. On the View menu, select Bookmarks\Set Bookmark. To jump to the bookmark, simply pressure F9 and the Workspace will pan to bring the junction or pipe into view and select it. Any number of bookmarks may be defined. When multiple bookmarks are set, pressing F9 will jump from bookmark to bookmark in the order they were created. Pressing Shift+F9 will jump in reverse order.

You can delete a bookmark by selecting it, then going to View\Bookmarks\Delete Bookmark, or delete all bookmarks with \Delete All Bookmarks. This only deletes the bookmark, not the junction or pipe associated with the bookmark.

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