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Resources to Validate AFT Software

Posted in AFT Fathom, AFT Arrow, AFT Titan, AFT Impulse, AFT Mercury

Users regularly contact us asking for information to assist them in validating AFT software. The formality of the validation requirement ranges from customer's self imposed internal requirements to rigorous validation as required for work in the nuclear industry.

Fortunately, AFT provides extensive reference material for validation and, what's more, you probably already have it since it's automatically installed when you install AFT Arrow, AFT Fathom, AFT Impulse or AFT Mercury. Under the main application folder you'll find the Verification folder, containing models developed from published references. The source of the reference problem is displayed in the General section of the Output window with further details on the reference source provided in the 'Reference Information' box of the General tab in Output Control.

Significant additional information is provided within the 'Verify.hlp' file in the Verification folder. To open the help file, simply browse to it in Windows Explorer and double click the file name. This help file provides a description of the verification methodology, a comprehensive list of the references used and, for each verification model, a comparison of results and discussion of why there are variances when applicable.

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