Pulsation Frequency Analysis (PFA)

An AFT xStream Add-on Module

This module helps engineers identify and avoid resonant frequencies in systems, especially
in those caused by reciprocating compressors. Problems can arise when the
frequencies that are excited by pulsation are at or near the acoustic resonant
frequencies of a fluid system. The module is used to calculate the 
acoustic resonance frequencies that could damage system equipment.

The AFT xStream Pulsation Frequency Analysis module helps:

  • Avoid system weakening or failure
  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs
  • Minimize disruptions in production processes

The AFT xStream PFA module lets you:

  • Predict and understand resonant frequencies in systems that use reciprocating compressors so they can be avoided in operation
  • Graphically show the frequency response of a system to a simulated pulse
  • Work with existing AFT xStream models

The module automates most of the pulsation analysis process using a series of steps:

1. Build the model in AFT xStream
2. Specify the characteristics of the pulse
3. Apply the forcing function to the source of the pulse
4. Run the model
5. Generate a Bode plot, displaying Frequency vs. Magnitude
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