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AFT Arrow FAQ's

How has AFT Arrow been verified?

There are several aspects to AFT Arrow verification. First, AFT Arrow has been compared to published data where it exists. Available published data is usually for a single pipe, which is a trivial solution for a network solver. Models, comparisons and explanations for such published predictions are given the Verification folder within AFT Arrow. Second, it can be verified that the AFT Arrow results agree with mass and energy conservation along with the fundamental equations for compressible flow in single pipes and networks. Third, AFT Arrow offers two independent solution methods, which can be compared against each other. Fourth, incompressible gas flow predictions for networks show good agreement with incompressible calculation methods such as AFT Fathom. Finally, AFT Arrow predictions have been compared to test data and other analytical methods on numerous occasions and good agreement has been shown. For example, see Winters, B.A., and T.W. Walters, "X-34 High Pressure Nitrogen Reaction Control System Design and Analysis".

Can I install AFT Arrow onto a local or wide area network?

Yes, AFT Arrow can run off the network or local PC. When installed on a network, the number of concurrent users is limited to the number of licenses purchased. See the Installation page for information on installing the software with either a USB key or an eLicense.


Does AFT Arrow handle sonic choking?

AFT Arrow accurately models sonic choking at all three possible geometric conditions. See Sonic Choking for more information.


How do I quickly change the units for an output parameter?

Whereas the Output Control window allows you specify units for all parameters, when in the Output window viewing results you can quickly change the units for parameters in the tabular displays by double-clicking the column header.


I see cost settings for Material, Installation, Maintenance and Operation. Do I need to specify costs for each one?

No. Depending on your goal, you need only specify the costs for which you are interested. If you are looking for just a first-cost estimate then you need to only specify Material and possibly Installation. Remember, these are very broad categories and can be tailored to meet your specific application.


How do I set up custom databases on my local PC?

See Custom Database Overview in the help file.


How do AFT Arrow's solution methods compare to traditional handbook methods for gas flow?

AFT Arrow solves the governing equations of compressible flow without simplifying assumptions, and is thus more accurate than traditional handbook methods. See the Solution Method Overview article in the AFT Arrow Help system for more information.


How do I change the icon for a junction?

Open the Junction Properties window, click the Optional folder tab, and then click the Change Icon button.

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