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AFT Impulse Webinars

Introduction to AFT Impulse

AFT Impulse 9 New Features Demonstration

Pump Concepts Transients

Pumps - Reverse Flow

Pumps as Turbines

Troubleshooting Models

Model Reports Made Simple

Vibration Part 2: AIV

Vibration Part 1: FIV

Which 'Transient' Analysis?

Check Valve Modeling

Improving Impulse Run Time

Non-Newtonian Fluids

Don't Be a Slow Modeler

Understanding Cavitation

Pulsation Analysis

AFT Basics & Fundamentals

Fundamentos de Pulsaciones

See It &Achieve It

Component or system issue?

AFT Impulse 8 New Features

Calculating Transient Forces


Be a Waterhammer Analyst

Your Fluid is Squishy

Build Faster Models

Time & Event Transients

Troubleshooting Techniques

Combine Your Pipes

Reporting Tips & Tricks

Waterhammer & Forces

Successful Slurry Transport

Modeling Tips

Worst Case Surge Analysis

Relief Valve Modeling

Inherent characteristics

Preventing Failure

Size & Locate Accumulators

'Transient' Analysis

Database Management

Analyze for Waterhammer

What's New in AFT Impulse 7

Top 10 AFT features

Safe Mining Operations

Cavitation Modeling

Pulsation Control with AFT Impulse PFA

Perform & Interpret Waterhammer / Surge Results

More on mitigating surge issues with AFT Impulse

Fire systems: NFPA & water deluge (AFT Fathom & Impulse)

How to Model a Tube Rupture in a Heat Exchanger

Model Settling Slurries

Pulsation Frequency Analysis

AFT Impulse Pump Transient Modeling

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