AFT Fathom 11 Status Light, Check List, and Blue Highlighting

This video has sound

AFT Fathom | Quick Start | English

(5:16) Video 1 of 5 in the AFT Fathom Quick Start Video Series to help new users understand the minimal level of knowledge required to be able to understand the basics of the interface, build models and define input, run the models, and to analyze the results. This first video discusses Status Light, Check List, and Blue Highlighting. These features are your guide to successfully run a model and obtain results. 

Videos in the series include: 

  1. Status Light, Check List, and Blue Highlighting
  2. System Properties (i.e. Fluid Properties)
  3. Setting Units, Building, and Defining a Model
  4. Running a Model and Viewing Results
  5. Making Graphs


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