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Codes and Standards

  • Industry Standards are a set of criteria within an industry relating to the standard functioning and carrying out of operations in their respective fields of production. In other words, it is the generally accepted requirements followed by the members of an industry.
  • Many engineers are not aware of these Standards and the importance for the security of the plant or pipeline to include them in their design.
  • Not all countries use the same standards but most of the standards use similar criteria.

AFT strives to create awareness of these standards and how AFT products can help engineers meet these requirements.

AFT Fathom

  • API and HI Pump Preferred Operating Range
  • NFPA Fire System Calculations
  • ASTM Surface Temperature Allowables
  • ANSI/HI Pump Submergence
  • ANSI/HI Pump Viscosity Corrections
  • ANSI/HI Slurry Pump De-Rating
  • ASME/ISO Energy Standards


AFT Arrow

  • NFPA Dust Collection
  • ASME, API and ISO Gas Relief System Piping
  • ASTM Surface Temperature Allowables

AFT Impulse

  • ASME Surge Analysis and Allowable Pressure
  • ASME Surge Forces
  • API Pump Pulsation Pressures
  • API: Allowable Compressor Pulsation
  • ANSI/HI Pump Viscosity Corrections
  • ANSI/HI Slurry Pump De-Rating
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