Welcome Steve Burke

Welcome Steve Burke

Colorado Springs, CO, USA – February 8, 2023 - Applied Flow Technology (AFT) welcomes Steve Burke as an Applications Engineer. Steve received his BS in mechanical and aerospace engineering in 2015 and is currently pursuing his MS in mechanical engineering.

His Master’s thesis is on gasoline ethanol blend droplet vaporization and its effects on particulate matter emissions.  This research is in collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s fuels division and began while he was working there under the Visiting Faculty Program.  Steve’s past engineering experience also includes a collaboration during graduate school with Honda Motor Company to build and validate a gasoline tank refueling model in STAR-CCM+, his undergraduate senior design project for Colorado Springs Utilities, and a project modeling two phase heat exchanger flow as an independent contractor.

Though he’s lived in a few other places, Colorado Springs has always been Steve’s home and is the city he always returns to. Outside of his work at AFT, Steve spends his time travelling, on his indoorsy hobbies, riding motorcycles, and with his four(!) dogs.

In his role as an Applications Engineer, Steve will work with the support team to test and document software, maintain training programs, as well as help users located around the world to troubleshoot their flow analysis models.

Welcome to the AFT team Steve. We are happy to have you.



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