Michel Monnet

Welcome Michel Monnet

January 6, 2022 -- Colorado Springs, CO USA -- Applied Flow Technology (AFT) would like to welcome Michel Monnet as our newest Applications Engineer. Michel graduated from The University of Colorado Boulder in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

His father, a Frenchman from Lyon and Saint Vallières, taught Michel to speak French fluently as they converse with family located in the central and south portions of France. When he is not at AFT, he enjoys Pilates and spending time in nature in our beautiful state of Colorado. He also builds computers, makes and edits videos, and plays video games.

In his role as a Applications Engineer at AFT, Michel will be working with the support team to test and document software, maintain training programs, as well as help users located around the world troubleshoot their flow analysis models.

Welcome to the AFT team Michel. We are happy to have you.


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