Pumps and Systems Magazine May Issue

The Benefits of Multi-Pump Arrangements

May 7, 2021 - Colorado Springs, CO, USA -- Do you think two pumps are better than one? Read the May issue of Pumps & Systems Magazine's where Applied Flow Technology's Business Applications Engineer, Nick Vastine, discusses why engineers should consider a multi-pump configuration. 

From the Article:

The energy to power pumps is often a significant but overlooked, operating cost in a hydraulic system. While pumps themselves have become more and more efficient over the years, putting an efficient pump in an inefficiently designed system leaves many operational benefits on the table. Similarly, relying on a single pump for a system’s needs can lead to large capital costs from redundant back-ups, inefficient operation under diverse operating conditions, and challenging system requirements for successful operation. As with system design, considering pumping station configuration can reveal approaches to make a pumping system more efficient.


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