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Mark Dudley Engineer Software Developer

Welcome Mark Dudley

February 18, 2021 -- Colorado Springs, CO, USA -- Applied Flow Technology welcomes Mark Dudley. Mark is a native of Colorado, USA, the same state in which AFT is headquartered. Mark is a graduate of Colorado School of Mines with a B.S. Engineering Physics & Minor in Computational and Applied Mathematics and an M.S. Mechanical Engineering.

During his time at Colorado School of Mines, he developed an in-house 3D numerical model to predict conjugate heat, mass, and momentum transport in vacuum membrane distillation systems with applied heating.

After graduation, Mark interned with Acertara Acoustic Laboratories where he developed Python subroutines to compute ultrasound pressure hotspots and use these to predict Thermal and Mechanical Indices. This subroutine was integrated into Acertara’s in-house Acoustic Measurement Software in Python (AMSPy), to help software users identify safety concerns during ultrasound transducer testing.

Now with AFT, Mark will work with engineers around the world to troubleshoot system models as well as work with the development team to write code to support existing AFT software applications.

When he is not at AFT, Mark enjoys reading, playing board games, cooking, and getting outdoors to run, hike, and ski. He is also a member of several singing groups in Denver as a bass, enjoys playing the drums, and spends (too much) free time learning how to play the piano.


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