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Gas Compression Magazine Article

Article: AFT Releases AFT Arrow 8

Colorado Springs, Colo., USA -- July 31, 2020 -- The July issue of Gas Compression Magazine includes a highlight AFT Arrow 8, Applied Flow Technology's compressible flow analysis software engineers use to calculate pressure and simulate flow in gas systems. Gas Compression Magzine did a wonderful job of looking at AFT Arrow's history, the new features being released with version 8, and a sneak peek at where the software will go in the future. 

Gas Compression Magazine's Daniel Foelber lead a Q&A session with AFT's Cort Hanson and Julie Bedsole on the release to gain perspective of the product, and the company, to write this amazing article. 

Read the Full Article:

 English Web Version (Pg 8-13)  


 Spanish Web Version (Pg 16-19)  


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