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Maximizing Pump Reliabilty and System Cost

Article: Maximizing Pump Reliability and System Cost

Colorado Springs, CO, USA - April 2020 - Maintaining a high standard for pump efficiency has many clear benefits, including higher reliability, reduced pump maintenance, and decreased energy costs. To reach these goals, a thorough understanding of the operating system is important.

Using poor estimates for the system resistance can lead to the pump operating far from the preferred operating region. 

This can be an expensive mistake due to added maintenance costs over the pump lifetime, and the loss of productivity during those downtimes. Investing the time into properly sizing pumps for oil & gas systems must be a priority in order to make these systems safer and maintain low costs over the system lifetime. 

Read more about how it is important to understand why pump efficiency is important, and how to increase efficiency during the design process.


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 Stephanie Villar's article appeared in Pump Engineer Magazine



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