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AFT Operations and COVID-19

Colorado Springs, Colo., USA, March 13, 2020 -- Applied Flow Technology (AFT) employs 18 men and women who are each unique and valuable to the team. Because their health and safety is a top priority, AFT has made the decision to allow all employees to work from home. However, we can't just push the off button and stay home for two weeks. Here is how we will handle AFT daily operations until COVID-19 subsides. 

  1. Support Communication: You may experience a slight delay in response, but the primary goal is to continue operations in a seamless fashion. All support calls and emails will remain a priority. AFT customers might not even realize the person they are speaking with is not at an office. AFT is fortunate to have highly intelligent IT support which allows all employees to work from home in a seamless fashion. Although we can't look across the room and wave, or walk to someone's desk to ask questions, all employees are accustom to working using IM technology, network access, and video conferencing. Throughout the years, AFT has implemented multiple channels to successfully work internally and externally in a seamless fashion. 
  2. Sales Support: Our Sales and Technical Consultants will be as accessible as always. They will be available for phone conferences to demo the software to your team or provide evaluation guidance. This process is historically completed via phone, email and electron channels and should not be impacted with remote working. Sales can be contacted any time by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  3. New License: All new software licenses will be sent by eLicense along with links to the QuickStart Guides and Installation Instructions. We will not be mailing QuickStart Guides or USB keys until after we return to the office. 
  4. Payments: The majority of AFT payments and invoices are sent electronically. We will have someone visit the office every few days to handle the mail and process PO payments. 
  5. June Training Seminars: At this time we are not canceling these classes. This may change closer to June, but at this time we are planning to host the classes in the Colorado Springs, CO office. 
  6. AFT Webinars: AFT's free webinars will not be impacted and we hope you can join us for one (or several) webinars to learn more about AFT and how to better use the software in your daily routine. 
  7. Travel for Training or Conferences: AFT employees will not be asked to travel for work at this time. We will work with all customers who have on-site training scheduled. We will coordinate a virtual training class or will work with you to reschedule. AFT does not plan to attend any conferences until July 2020. 

As an international software company, we have customers and Channel Partners around the world who continue to conduct business as normal. AFT software is used by pharmaceutical companies, bioscience, manufacturing, water/wastewater, power generation, aerospace, oil & gas, and many more. Engineering projects and the need for accurate calculations and analysis will not stop.

As the virus travels the globe, areas will slow down, and other areas will recover and get back to work. Some areas are working overtime to find solutions and keep their populations thriving. 

AFT will remain available to customers throughout these cycles. 

If you need support, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or for general questions, please use the Contact Us page.


3-25-2020 UPDATE: The State of Colorado (USA) has given a "Stay Home" Order to all residents. Fortunately, AFT has already been practicing Social Distancing and employees have been working remotely. Our above-mentioned practices will remain in effect and we will continue to provide quality service and support to U.S. and International Customers. 




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