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AFT IntelliFlow® Technology Featured at Pump Expo

AFT's Trey Walters and Dupont's Judy Hodgson jointly presented the paper " Optimizing Pumping Systems To Minimize First or Life Cycle Cost" at the Pump Expo in Fort Washington, PA October 22. The paper describes the intelligent system sizing technology behind AFT Mercury, IntelliFlow®, and presents case histories of the application of this technology to four pumping systems. Demonstrating the significant benefits to be derived with intelligent system sizing, the case histories illustrated cost savings on the subject piping systems ranging from 17% to 72%. The case histories illustrate using AFT Mercury to optimize system design for:

  • control valve vs. vfd
  • a wastewater system optimizing pipe size vs. capacity
  • a sulfuric acid system including the varying effects of corrosion with velocity
  • molten sulfur transfer system optimizing pump sizing including variability of pump maintenance costs with distance from best efficiency point.

You can read the full paper: Optimizing Pumping Systems to Minimize First or Life-Cycle Cost.

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