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AEX - Automating Equipment Information Exchange

AEX, or the Automating Equipment Information Exchange Project, is developing and deploying eXtensible Markup Language (XML) specifications to support automation of information sharing associated with design, procurement, delivery, operation and maintenance of engineered equipment.

Of particular interest to piping system modeling engineers are standards supporting data exchange of centrifugal pumps and heat exchangers and, later, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors and control valves. Applied Flow Technology, in conjunction with Dupont, Flowserve and Fiatech, has been instrumental in a proof of concept pilot program for electronic transfer of pump selection data.

In this pilot program AFT Fathom reads in the initial rated pump specification from an electronic pump datasheet and loads the data into a Fathom model. Results from AFT Fathom's analysis is then written back out to the electronic datasheet so it may be forwarded on to the pump vendor for pump selection. Once the pump is selected the pump performance data is added to the datasheet, and that information is then brought into AFT Fathom for analysis to verify that the pump selection is correct.

AFT is supporting this important project because of the significant benefit it will provide to our many customers. Once standards are completed and adopted, electronic data that can be readily used in AFT models will be available for a variety of equipment. More than just providing a source of electronic data for pumps and other equipment, AEX will provide a platform for easy exchange of data between your AFT system models and equipment suppliers. The day is not far off that electronic data will be available from virtually all pump, control valve, heat exchanger and other equipment manufacturers, not just those subscribing to proprietary subscription services.

Additional information on AEX will be found at Fiatech's website. including a list of the many project participants and contributing suppliers, including AFT.

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