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AFT Fathom Added to Flowserve Pumping System Analysis Course

Flowserve built their Learning Resource Center to provide the equipment, conditions, and expertise students need to experiment, test, modify, and verify the "what ifs" of the tools they use every day in operating and maintaining fluid handling systems. The Learning Resource Center means students receive the kind of training that is not just theory, not just hands-on, but a balanced combination. Students have access to:

• Four state-of-the-art classrooms.

• A 2,300 square foot static lab equipped with modern process equipment, including pumps, control valves and mechanical seals.

• Four 900 square-foot power labs equipped with complete pumping systems.

The analytical side of this balanced approach includes "Pumping System Analysis – Level I" and "Pumping System Design – Level I". Augmenting these courses, Flowserve will be offering classes on AFT Fathom.

"Flowserve is expanding its training curriculum by adding a Pumping System Analysis - Level I course." explains Dan Wood, Flowserve Educational Services Manager. "The heart of this 3-day course is learning how to use the 10 Pumping Principles. By learning these principles, the student learns how to analyze an existing pumping system, determine problems, and recommend solutions to those problems. However, the true power and efficiency of the analyst's knowledge cannot be exploited without powerful tools, such as AFT Fathom. Therefore, a 1-1/2 day course on AFT Fathom is integrated in the same week as the "Pumping System Analysis - Level I" and "Pumping System Design – Level I" courses. By combining these courses, the true power of AFT Fathom is realized and the pump system analyst will quickly learn that AFT Fathom is the best tool in their troubleshooting toolbox."

The Learning Resource Center is located in Irving, Texas, right in the heart of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex within minutes of the DWF International Airport.

Course schedules and descriptions may be found at http://www.flowserve.com/education/schedule_cust.htm.

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