5 Reasons Why You Should Analyze Your System for Waterhammer / Surge

AFT Fathom helps you calculate your system's steady-state pipe flow condition...but did you consider:

  1. How valves, pumps and other components will dynamically interact with each other during a surge event?
  2. The forces generated by transient pressures needed to design your pipe supports?
  3. If you are in compliance with ASME B31.3 requirements for occasional loads?
  4. Will your system experience significant pressure surges due to cavitation?
  5. If you have the right surge suppression equipment to mitigate the catastrophic effects of waterhammer/surge and other undesirable system transients?

Luckily, exporting your AFT Fathom™ model to AFT Impulse™ will save you time as you answer these questions and validate the design of safety features to produce safer and more economical pipe systems.

Give yourself a head start...Decrease modeling time by 80% when you import your AFT Fathom model directly into AFT Impulse using the same interface and functionality you appreciate from AFT.

4 easy steps: import your AFT Fathom model into AFT Impulse

Step 1

Open AFT Impulse... Easy!

Step 2

Use the icon in the upper left-hand corner to open model file folders. Change the "File Type" to: AFT Fathom (*fth)

Step 3

Search for the folder your AFT Fathom model is located in, select it, and open the model.

Step 4

The AFT Fathom model will automatically generate an AFT Impulse model. Adjust as required for transient analysis.

Case Study

Significant Man-Hours Saved by Transitioning
AFT Fathom Model to AFT Impulse to Analyze Surge Transients

“Using the seamless transfer from the AFT Fathom steady state hydraulic model to the AFT Impulse, the manhours spent for the surge analysis were significantly reduced, resulting in reduced cost and schedule for this lump-sum project.”

Reason for the analysis
Loukas Papathanasiou, Process Manager for Fluor, utilized AFT Fathom and AFT Impulse to complete the design of a cooling water system and the analysis of that system’s surge transients. Using both software programs together gave him the ability to easily simulate, analyze, and troubleshoot the massive system.

Built by Engineers for Engineers

We can't tell you how many customers tell us they will only commission a system if an AFT analysis was run on it prior to handing it over. One customer told us about a time they ran an analysis, but the logic didn't seem ….well logical… to the other design engineers. They built the piping system the way they deemed it logical. And it was wrong. They went back to the AFT analysis and built it how the pipe flow model showed the system would run. They spent several weeks and a lot of unnecessary dollars because what seemed illogical was the most logical after all. 

You see, AFT doesn't create hydraulic flow analysis tools simply because we like to ensure pipe calculations and sizes are correct; we are a software built by engineers for engineers to help make your piping system design run as efficiently as possible and to ensure you are able to troubleshoot transient issues in a timely fashion. 

Most engineers recognize how easy and reliable AFT Fathom is. It gives engineers at all levels the ability to design and troubleshoot their steady-state fluid systems in AFT Fathom. What most are unaware of, is those same engineers can use AFT Impulse to analyze the transients to see how the system will behave in the event of a power outage, a pump trip, a valve slam, evaluate vapor cavities, or pressure extremes.

Let us show you how AFT Impulse can help you be proactive in designing sustainable and safe piping systems.

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