It was an honor to visit our friends in Beijing, China to provide our Channel Partner, AECsoft Engineering Software (AECSOFT), two days of complimentary workshops. During these workshops, attendees had a hands-on experience with AFT Software as well the opportunity to discuss relevant hydraulic topics. Each attendee also received a 15-day free trial license to review topics discussed in the workshop.

The first workshop, held August 21-22, hosted 65 attendees from twenty-nine companies. The workshop focused heavily on technical orientation to the AFT software.

Beijing Visit 2017       Beijing China Visit Workshop

The second workshop, held August 24-25, was dedicated exclusively to the biggest state owned company in China. They sent nineteen employees from their five companies to receive this valuable information in order to unify their use of AFT hydraulic software.

Throughout the workshop, AFT and company’s engineers discussed their technical hydraulic challenges and how AFT products could help them solve them.

This was also the first time AFT had utilized a new workshop format. Both parties were extremely pleased and found the technical orientation of the sessions were useful to address hydraulic design challenges in their daily work.

Beijing Visit Workshop 2          

The efficient work of our Channel Partner AECSOFT, made these workshops a success and we look forward to providing more of them in the future.

Workshops sessions like this one are regularly organized in other parts of the globe. Be sure to join us when one is organized in your country. Contact your local Channel Partner for information on their upcoming training dates.