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AFT Product Tips

1 minute reading time (146 words)

Limiting Goal Seek and Control Variables to a Desired Range

Applicable to: Arrow GSC Add-on Module, Fathom GSC Add-on Module

When searching for a variable value that will yield a specified goal, GSC will investigate all possible variable values. There are some cases, however, where you may want to limit the range of investigation. An example might be using GSC to find the pump or fan/compressor speed to yield a defined goal. On its own GSC will consider any speed value from 0% on up. You may want to limit this to a maximum of 100% speed and/or some lower speed limit based on manufacturer's information or experience.

This can be readily accomplished using the 'Upper Bound' and 'Lower Bound' columns in Goal Seek and Control Manager. When specifying upper/lower bounds, keep in mind that you may make it impossible for the specified goal to be reached because of the limits imposed by the specified bounds

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