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AFT Product Tips

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Possible Causes for Not Getting Costs in the Cost Report

There are several reasons why costs are not being calculated or shown in the Cost Report. If you are having trouble, please go through this checklist which may help pinpoint the problem.

1) Is “Calculate Costs” set in the Cost Settings from the Analysis menu?

2) Is a cost type (e.g. Material, etc.) selected in the Cost Definition area of the Cost Settings?

3) Is a cost database connected through the Database Manager and is the correct database section selected?

4) Does the cost database have the correct information for the object? You can verify the contents of a cost database by opening it in the Cost Database editor and clicking on the Summary tab.

5) Does the object have “Include in Cost” set on the Cost tab in the Specifications Window?

6) Does the object have either “All connected cost database” or the correct specific cost database selected in the Cost Information area on the Cost tab in the Specifications Window?

7) Are the Cost Multipliers non-zero in the Cost Information area on the Cost tab in the Specifications Window?

8) If the object is a junction, is it set to a junction from Database? This is set near the top of the Specifications Window in the Database List drop-down. If it is empty, it is not connected to a database item, from which a cost is calculated.

9) Are the correct items selected to be shown in the Cost Report? These are set in the Output Control, Summaries tab. Choose Cost Report from the list and verify that the appropriate parameters (e.g. Material, etc.) are checked.

10) For recurring costs, does the Service Time of the object match the System Life?

11) Are zero-cost items being hidden? This is set on the Format & Action tab of the Output Control.

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