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Setting the Workspace Size

Posted in AFT Fathom, AFT Arrow, AFT Titan, AFT Impulse, AFT Mercury

All of AFT's piping system modeling software allows the user to set the Workspace size from the View menu. The Workspace Size window graphically displays the size of the Workspace as blocks. When a new model file is created the size is initially set to 1 x 1. If you're model is bigger than this, you'll need a bigger Workspace size.

Before changing the Workspace size it's worthwhile to remember how it relates to the model size. An analogy is a building and plot size, where the building is analogous to the model and plot size analogous to the Workspace size. A Workspace size much bigger than the model can be inconvenient because it makes scrolling around the model more difficult. Whenever a Workspace larger than 1 x 1 is selected, vertical and horizontal scroll bars will be displayed. To scroll half the distance in either direction you can simply drag the scroll bar half its travel. If the Workspace just fits the model size, this action will also scroll about half the distance along the model. If you're Workspace size is much bigger than your model, scrolling half the Workspace may place the model out of view (of course you can always 'find' the model easily by zooming out).

While you can always set Workspace size manually, there are a couple of automatic sizing functions to keep in mind. First, if you expand the size of your model beyond the present Workspace boundaries, its size will be automatically increased to accommodate the model. Secondly, if your Workspace size is excessively large and you want to reduce it, simply open 'Workspace Size' from the View menu and select the smallest size by clicking on the block in the upper left hand corner. The Workspace size will be automatically set to the minimum that will accommodate the current model size.

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