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Add Custom Pipe Data to Your Database

Another common example would be large diameter fabricated steel pipe made from rolled plate.Nominal sizes, diameters and wall thicknesses are custom, but the thermophysical properties (density, thermal conductivity) can still use the built-in values for steel, so that you want to add these sizes and wall thicknesses to the Steel category of material. Simply select Steel then click on the New Size button. The window that appears will let you specify a nominal size, diameters and wall thickness. If you wanted to create various wall thicknesses for this custom size pipe, you would select the Size then click the New Type button.

Finally, if you want to create a whole new material category, select Pipe Materials then click the New Material button. You'll specify a description or name for the material and a beginning size and wall thickness. Optionally, if you want to do heat transfer with this pipe material, you'll also specify a density and thermal conductivity. Adding sizes and wall thickness to this new material category is the same as described above for any of the built-in materials. Select the new material and click New Size or select a size within the new material and click New Type to add wall thicknesses to a previously created size.

Once you've created your new material, size or type, to use it is as easy as selecting it from within the Pipe Specifications window. You can, of course, specify a custom pipe without adding it to the Pipe Material Database, but if you're going to use it more than once, you might as well add it to your database since doing so will save time and help ensure the correct data is used in the future.

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Wednesday, 07 December 2022
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