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AFT eLicenses

Use AFT's cloud-based eLicense solution for Standalone and Network to enhance your company's usage and flexibility. This method of Rights Management allows eLicenses to be used for:

  • Full licenses
  • Lease licenses
  • Academic licenses
  • Evaluation licenses

Click here to view the guide for full installation details and information on how the eLicense is used.

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Key benefits of using eLicense for AFT Software include:

  • AFT Copy Protection installation NOT required
  • Separate license servers NOT needed
  • No user/IT effort to update licenses with new products or additional seats
    • No need for email exchange of license files (except initial Registration.txt file containing eLicense code)
    • All licenses activated and managed by AFT, allows user access immediately after software purchase
  • Standalone eLicenses can easily transferred from one computer to another
  • Network eLicenses can be checked out for offline usage (no internet available)

Standalone eLicense Functionality:

  • Standalone eLicenses for single users
    • Can only be activated on one machine at a time
  • Standalone eLicenses activated using internet (port 80)
    • Can activate remotely (with certificates from internet enabled machines)
      • Client machine does not require internet access
  • Licenses can be deactivated and moved to another machine
    • Also can be done remotely
  • Licenses need to be re-activated yearly

Network eLicense Functionality:

  • Internet access required for user (standard port 80)
  • Features (or AFT applications) “checked-out” for use with internet connection
    • Client machine can be offline after AFT Application is checked out
      • Client machine needs internet access to release features (i.e., check licenses back in), or to retrieve them (i.e., checking out a different product)
  • Network eLicenses can be checked out up to seven days for offline usage
  • Network eLicense Interval Check period is one week
    • If an eLicense has not been checked back in within seven days, eLicense gets checked back in automatically



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