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AFT Fathom Student

Going the extra mile to learn your trade is easy with the free and extremely discounted professional tools AFT offers students and instructors.   

In your civil and mechanical engineering classes you will learn the theories and methodologies and how to put them into practice. AFT has built industry-leading software which builds on those basics and allows users to quickly and easily analyze and model pipe systems. All of this allows engineers to simulate their pipe systems using real-time data to find the best solutions possible. 

Take a look at the opportunities below and let us know how we can help you work towards a successful engineering career. 


AFT Fathom Student

AFT Fathom™ Student Version ($10)                                              Order Now Button Final

For only $10, AFT Fathom Student is a simplified version of the powerful AFT Fathom software, appropriate for student use. It will help improve your understanding of the fundamentals of pipe flow and introduce you to the industry leading tool professionals used by companies such as NASA, ExxonMobil, Walt Disney Imagineering, Westinghouse and DuPont.

More Information 

AFT Fathom Student Includes:

  • Models systems up to 12 pipes
  • Models heat transfer in pipes and heat exchangers
  • Includes Goal Seek and Control - evaluates the effects of changing system parameters and simulates control functions
  • Includes Extended Time Simulation - performs a series of steady-state solutions with variables changing automatically to achieve a dynamic simulation of your system


Discounted Training

Discounted Training                                                                           UpcomingClasses Button Final

Quality, professional training doesn’t get any more affordable than this. Hundreds of professional engineers receive this training each year,
so you will be in the good company of highly experienced engineers from around the world. Why do we offer this to students at such a great
rate? Because your initial learning means you will be better prepared for the professional engineering world.

AFT offers Instructors & Students discounted training at a deeply discounted price of $50 for a 2-3 day hands-on training class. 

  • AFT training normally sells for $1,000. Students receive a 95% discount 
  • Includes lunch each day, materials, and certificate
  • There will only be four student slots available for each class and are filled on a first-come / first-serve basis.
  • Understanding AFT software adds a lot of clout to your resume - so sign up!                                                         


Senior Project License

Free Senior Project License                                                      

Are you a senior engineering student completing your final project to graduate? We can help! This offer is also open to students working on competition projects as well as PhD projects. 

  • Receive a full version of AFT Fathom, AFT Impulse or AFT Arrow for you to use while you complete your project.
  • Recipients will need to contact AFT to receive instructions on the necessary documentation required to receive the license.
  • Recipients will be required to provide AFT with a copy of the final projects written details as well the models created with AFT software.

  Click here to view the full Research License criteria 


Meet Abby

Meet Abby and let her better explain AFT Fathom Student     


                                  AFT Fathom engineering software for student          



Please contact us with your questions or for more information. We will be happy to help you!


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