AFT Training Seminar Registration

Thank you for your interest in an AFT Seminar. 

This registration is for classes located in the USA, if you would like to attend a class outside of the USA please contact your local Channel Partner. 


Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations will be accepted, without charge, up to 10 working days before the first seminar day. The full registration fee will be charged for any cancellations made 10 working days or fewer before the first day of the seminar.


AFT puts a lot of heart into their products and their training. The instructors are well organized and really know their product and how to teach it to others.

In-Person Training Seminars are held
in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

You will be sent an invoice upon registration.
See class prices below. 
SUM Subscribers Non-SUM Subscribers / Lease Holders Students, Researchers, & Instructors
$1,300 - AFT Fathom (2 days) $1,400 - AFT Fathom (2 days) $50 - AFT Fathom (2 days)
$1,300 - AFT Arrow (2 days) $1,400 - AFT Arrow (2 days) $50 - AFT Arrow (2 days)
$1,900 - AFT Impulse (3 days) $2,100 - AFT Impulse (3 days) $50 - AFT Impulse (3 days)
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