AFT xStream Installation Instructions

AFT xStream Installation


This page is for current AFT xStream users who are upgrading their software to the latest version. With every new version, AFT seeks to make engineers more productive while designing safe, efficient, and reliable systems. Our development philosophy balances User Workflow, Enhanced Capabilities, and Backend Improvements.
Current Version
  1. Register or log-in to this website. 
  2. Download the current version of AFT xStream at
  3. Install xtrFullz.exe as an administrator.
    • The latest version of AFT xStream will be installed alongside previous versions - you will still have access to earlier versions.
  4. When prompted, enter your license number (XXXX-XXXXXalong with your name and organization.
    • If you have a license of xStream PFA (2020F) no additional steps are required – it is automatically installed with xStream.
    • Complete the installation.
  5. Launch AFT xStream!
    • If you have active copy protection (an eLicense or USB Key), AFT xStream will start right away.
      • Copy protection for active SUM subscribers has been automatically upgraded.
    • If AFT xStream did not start, you may need to follow the appropriate instructions:
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