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AFT Titan Demo

AFT Titan Demo
Size and weight matter. Intelligently size gas piping and ducting systems to minimize cost.

AFT Titan offers a dramatic improvement to the traditional design process.

Built on the advanced flow analysis and system modeling capabilities of AFT Arrow, AFT Titan can simulate your piping system in complete detail.
  • Advanced optimization engine with IntelliFlow® technology to automatically determine optimal pipe and equipment sizes
  • Comprehensive system modeling capabilities
  • Scenario Manager tracks all design variants and operational possibilities in a single model file with data linkage
  • Integrated graphing and reporting
  • Conduct thermal analysis including piping heat transfer and heat exchanger modeling
  • Built-in library of fluids and fittings can be extended and customized
  • Optional Chempak™ add-on utility provides a thermophysical database of almost 600 gases
Please complete the form below and you will receive the demo in an email. If you do not receive the demo within 15 minutes, please contact us and we will email the link to you.

The demo is a working copy of the actual software with specific limitations. When the demo is started, you can:

  • Build and run the Walk-Thru model.
  • Load and run any of the files from the Examples or Verification directories.
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