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AFT Mercury Demo

AFT Mercury Demo
Use AFT's IntelliFlow® technology to automatically determine the best possible pipe and equipment sizes for liquid piping and ducting systems.

Minimizing the initial and life-cycle cost of your system and while meeting the design parameters of your system.

Built on the advanced flow analysis and system modeling capabilities of AFT Fathom, AFT Mercury can simulate your piping system in complete detail.
  • Intelligently size your entire system
  • Identify critical cost saving opportunities in your system design
  • Reduce capital & operating costs
  • Achieve inherent system flow balance
  • Determine true costs of variable frequency drives vs. control valves by comparing systems optimally sized for each case
  • Ensure performance requirements are met over multiple design cases
  • Minimize weight and volume
  • Use your existing AFT Fathom models
Please complete the form below and you will receive the demo in an email. If you do not receive the demo within 15 minutes, please contact us and we will email the link to you.

The demo is a working copy of the actual software with specific limitations. When the demo is started, you can:

  • Build and run the Walk-Thru model.
  • Load and run any of the files from the Examples or Verification directories.
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