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AFT Fathom Installation Instructions


  1. Register or log-in to this website. 
  2. Download the current version of AFT Fathom at www.aft.com/downloads/current-versions/aft-fathom
  3. Install FthFullz.exe as an administrator.
    • The latest version of AFT Fathom will be installed alongside previous versions - you will still have access to earlier versions of AFT Fathom.
  4. When prompted, enter your license number (XXXXX-XXXXXalong with your name and organization.
    • If you have a license of Fathom GSC (01120G), Fathom SSL (01120L), Fathom ANS (01120A), or Fathom XTS (01120X), no additional steps are required – it is automatically installed with Fathom.
    • Complete the installation.
  5. Launch AFT Fathom!
    • If you have active copy protection (an eLicense or USB Key), AFT Fathom will start right away.
      • Copy protection for active SUM subscribers has been automatically upgraded.
    • If AFT Fathom did not start, you may need to follow the appropriate instructions:

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