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Research Licenses

It is a very rare thing indeed to receive free industry-leading software that you can use without limits. The only limit is you have to ask, and then you have to send us a copy of your final project.  

Review the opportunities below and let us know how we can assist you in reaching your goals. 


Research Licenses

Free Licenses for Research Projects                                               

  • One stand-alone license* for each person doing the research
  • A full version of the software, limited in time, based on the project
  • Technical Support is not provided
  • The following documentation is required:
    • A signed letter (i.e. department head or project professor), on university letterhead, indicating:
      • Name of the project
      • Project description (Must contain: expected outcomes, methodology, challenges and constraints)
      • Project start and end dates
      • Participant names
      • Declaration stating that AFT software will not be used for commercial purposes
    • Read and send a signed copy of the Educational License Agreement

    • Read and send a signed copy of the Research and Development Program Policy

    • Halfway through the project, and at the end of the project, the University will forward a technical paper to AFT describing the project, scope, approach, model file, and results. If the project was used as a basis for creation or modification of a physical component or system, a photo of the component or system is also requested. AFT may publicize the project summary, students, and the goals accomplished with AFT software in the AFT newsletter, AFT website or other similar outlets.


*Fathom includes GSC + XTS modules and Arrow includes GSC

Discounted Training

Discounted Training                                                                        UpcomingClasses Button Final

AFT offers Instructors & Students discounted training at a deeply discounted price of $50 for a 2-3 day hands-on training class. 

  • AFT training normally sells for $1,000. Students receive a 95% discount 
  • Includes lunch each day, materials, and certificate
  • There will only be four student slots available for each class and are filled on a first-come / first-serve basis.
  • Understanding AFT software adds a lot of clout to your resume - so sign up!                                                         





Please contact AFT with your questions or for more information. We will be happy to help you!Professor Pumphead

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