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Primary Features of AFT Arrow 9

  • Apply advanced marching methods which provide highly accurate results
  • Evaluate choking conditions and determine flow conditions downstream of choke points
  • Model fans and compressors, control valves, heat exchangers and other components with precise detail
  • Specify relief valve behavior with opening and closing profiles to ensure your system fails safely
  • Track all your design variants and potential operating conditions in a single file with Scenario Manager
  • Use integrated, customizable graphing and reporting to make analysis visually intuitive
  • Calculate the capital costs of pipes and components as well as operating energy expenses
  • Leverage built-in libraries of fluids and fittings to build your own database upon
  • Built-in libraries of fluids (including NIST REFPROP and ASME Steam Tables) and fittings which can be extended and customized
  • Purchase the Optional Chempak™ database which provides a thermophysical database of almost 600 gases. SteamCalc and Chempak Viewers are included in the software for free.
  • Define non-reacting pre-mixtures, and simulate dynamic flow mixing
  • Import piping layouts from CAESAR II® Neutral files, PCF Files, and GIS shapefiles regardless of source
  • Integrate with Excel to import model data and export output data
  • Ensure a design adheres to industry standards such as API 526, ANSI/ISA-75.01.01 and more
Primary Features of AFT Arrow 7 - Advanced marching methods provide highly accurate results.

Designed for fluid systems containing:

  • Steam
  • Compressed air
  • Chemical and petrochemical process gases
  • Natural gas transport
  • And many more

How does it work?

AFT Arrow’s powerful solution engine simultaneously solves five fundamental equations; mass, momentum, energy, state and Mach number. AFT Arrow uses a modified Newton-Raphson matrix iteration method plus proprietary methods developed by AFT so you can achieve a true and rigorous compressible flow solution.

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