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AFT Fathom Pricing

Prices effective January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.

Full Licenses

  Stand-alone Licenses Network Licenses (per seat)
AFT Fathom $4,800 $7,200
XTS Module - Extended Time Simulation $1,600 $2,400
GSC Module - Goal Seek & Control $1,000 $1,500
SSL Module - Settling Slurry $3,200 $4,800
ANS Module - Automated Network Sizing $4,000* $6,000*
  • * For a limited time, receive a 50% introductory discount on ANS Module list prices shown.
  • Second and additional seats, on the same purchase, of a network license will receive a 10% discount.
  • Customers who maintain a current Support, Upgrade & Maintenance (SUM) subscription on their network licenses will receive a 10% discount on future purchases of that product.
  • AFT Fathom modules require AFT Fathom.
  • Each license/seat purchase includes one free year of Support, Upgrade & Maintenance.


  Stand-alone Licenses Network Licenses (per seat)
AFT Fathom - Quarterly $960 $1,440
AFT Fathom - Annual $2,880 $4,320
AFT Fathom - Module Family * - Quarterly $520 $780
AFT Fathom - Module Family * - Annual $1,560 $2,340
  • One-half of lease amounts paid may be applied to a full license purchase before the end of the lease period.
  • Support, Upgrade & Maintenance is provided during lease term.
  • Must have a full license or lease of AFT Fathom to be able to purchase a Module Family
  • Module Families cannot be separated and must be purchased as listed
  • * An AFT Fathom Module Family is a choice of either 
    • AFT Fathom GSC and AFT Fathom XTS Modules
    • AFT Fathom SSL Module
    • AFT Fathom ANS Module 

 Annual Support, Upgrade & Maintenance

  Annual Renewal Reinstate Lapsed SUM* Reinstate After 2 Years 
AFT Fathom $960 $1,920 $2,880
XTS Module - Extended Time Simulation $320 $640 $960
GSC Module - Goal Seek and Control $200 $400 $600
SSL Module - Settling Slurry $640 $1,280 $1,920
ANS Module - Automated Network Sizing $800 $1,600 $2,400
  • Ongoing Technical Support- available by phone and e-mail, world-class support by AFT's team of engineers with real-world experience in fluid and thermal systems
  • Version Upgrades- keep your software up to date and gain all the advantages of the features and capabilities available in the latest version

*Provides 12 months of SUM from reinstatement. Regular annual renewal applies in subsequent years (as long as support is kept current). To maintain Support, Upgrade & Maintenance on a module, the base Fathom license must also be covered by an SUM.


  • Complementary two-day ground shipping within the US. Please contact us for shipping charges to other locations.
  • For reinstatement of lapsed support, a shipping charge is applicable for the initial upgrade only. (Shipping otherwise not applicable to SUM orders.)
  • Prices Subject to change without notice.
  • Stand-alone License – A single license located on the computer where the software is being used. License and software may be physically moved from one computer to another.
  • Network License – Software use on a computer or computers separately located from the license. The number of concurrent uses of the software is limited to the number seats purchased for the license.
  • Software use is limited to within the boundaries of the country specified for delivery at the time of purchase.
  • Corporate customers may be eligible for additional discounts. Please call for details.

Contact AFT directly for more information.