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AFT Fathom Pricing

Prices effective January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.

Full Licenses

 Stand-alone LicensesNetwork Licenses (per seat)
AFT Fathom $4,800 $7,200
XTS Module - Extended Time Simulation $1,600 $2,400
GSC Module - Goal Seek & Control $1,000 $1,500
SSL Module - Settling Slurry $3,200 $4,800
  • Second and additional seats, on the same purchase, of a network license will receive a 10% discount.
  • Customers who maintain a current Support, Upgrade & Maintenance (SUM) subscription on their network licenses will receive a 10% discount on future purchases of that product.
  • AFT Fathom modules require AFT Fathom.
  • Each license/seat purchase includes one free year of Support, Upgrade & Maintenance.


 Stand-alone LicensesNetwork Licenses (per seat)
AFT Fathom - Quarterly $960 $1,440
AFT Fathom - Annual $2,880 $4,320
AFT Fathom - Module Family * - Quarterly $520 $780
AFT Fathom - Module Family * - Annual $1,560 $2,340
  • One half of lease amounts paid may be applied to a full license purchase before the end of the lease period.
  • Support, Upgrade & Maintenance is provided during lease term.
  • Must have an full license or lease of AFT Fathom to be able to purchase a Module Family
  • Module Families cannot be separated and must be purchased as listed
  • * An AFT Fathom Module Family is a choice of either AFT Fathom GSC and AFT Fathom XTS Modules or the AFT Fathom SSL Module

 Annual Support, Upgrade & Maintenance

 Annual RenewalReinstate Lapsed SUM*Reinstate After 2 Years 
AFT Fathom $960 $1,920 $2,880
XTS Module - Extended Time Simulation $320 $640 $960
GSC Module - Goal Seek and Control $200 $400 $600
SSL Module - Settling Slurry $640 $1,280 $1,920
  • Ongoing Technical Support- available by phone and e-mail, world class support by AFT's team of engineers with real world experience in fluid and thermal systems
  • Version Upgrades- keep your software up to date and gain all the advantages of the features and capabilities available in the latest version

*Provides 12 months of SUM from reinstatement. Regular annual renewal applies in subsequent years (as long as support is kept current). To maintain Support, Upgrade & Maintenance on a module, the base Fathom license must also be covered by an SUM.


  • Complementary two-day ground shipping within the US. Please contact us for shipping charges to other locations.
  • For reinstatement of lapsed support, a shipping charge is applicable for the initial upgrade only. (Shipping otherwise not applicable to SUM orders.)
  • Prices Subject to change without notice.
  • Stand-alone License – A single license located on the computer where the software is being used. License and software may be physically moved from one computer to another.
  • Network License – Software use on a computer or computers separately located from the license. The number of concurrent uses of the software is limited to the number seats purchased for the license. Software use is limited to within the boundaries of the country specified for delivery at the time of purchase.
  • Corporate customers may be eligible for additional discounts. Please call for details.

Contact AFT directly for more information.