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AFT Can Help You Solve Problems


Solve operational problems

We help facility and pipeline engineers identify the root cause of operational problems in fluid systems.

By modelling fluid systems as they were designed, engineers can calculate the expected operation of the system and compare this to field data. Studying these discrepancies can allow the engineer to identify improperly sized equipment, scaling in the pipes, leaks, or other phenomenon which are decreasing the system’s performance.  

Tools such as design alerts, graphing features, and visual report options such as color maps are available to assist the engineer in identifying these discrepancies quickly for the calibrated model.

AFT Impulse allows transient issues such as waterhammer to be further studied for various events such as sudden valve closures, pump startups and pump trips. Models can be imported directly from AFT Fathom to save time on this process, and to ensure that the system is safe and effective during transient operation as well as in the steady state.

Interested in learning more about your favorite AFT products?
You're in luck! Below are a few options. Contact us for any further questions.

Free Demos

Sometimes you just have to jump in and work with it yourself. AFT provides a limited version of our software so you can get the basic idea of how it works. Note: these demos are not meant to show you all of the bells and whistles.

Introductory Webinars

Watch a recorded webinar and meet our products! AFT engineers will give you insight into how the products work. Additional webinars help you solve project issues so you can model, analyze, and simulate safe and efficient piping and ducting systems. 

Common Interface

AFT models can be imported between AFT products. For example, build your steady-state model in AFT Fathom, then use that same model in AFT Impulse to analyze the surge transients. Contact us for a live walk-thru or an evaluation license.
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