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New Features in AFT Fathom 10


 General interface

  • Set defaults for your general unit system, language, pipe material and other preferences in the Startup Control window
  • Import data from Excel using keywords
  • Use Excel to make changes to multiple scenarios at once
  • Load large models faster than before
  • Add additional rows to the data tables (like Cv vs. Open Percent, etc.)

 Model Import

    • Import from a CAESAR II neutral file
    • Import from a Piping Component File (.pcf)
    • Import or export a EPANET file

 Excel Export

  • Export output using the new Excel Export Manager
  • Export single values, columns, rows or entire output tables
  • Export data from a Graph List item
  • Define specific starting cells and target worksheets
  • Ability to include headers and units
  • Automatically export data after the model is run or during a batch run of scenarios

 Standards and Codes

  • Ensure code and standard compliance through new output area
  • Standard references are updated to current versions where applicable


  • Draw using an isometric grid
  • Differentiate between scenario generation through additional background color options
  • Alter background opacity levels to make annotations stand out
  • Zoom and pan with new keyboard shortcuts
  • Draw attention to pipes with fittings & losses through symbols


  • Automatically calculate free and forced external heat transfer coefficients for air and water
  • Calculate buried pipe heat transfer
  • Model trace heating on the pipe surface
  • Enter intermediate pipe elevations as length from the pipe beginning
  • Added many EN and DIN pipe standards to the available pipe materials
  • Increased ability to select pipe materials in the Database Manager


  • Enter data more easily on the Pump Property window for rotodynamic (centrifugal) and positive displacement pumps
  • Link pumps to simulate a pump with an intermediate pressure extraction flow
  • Define a relief valve effective orifice based on API 526
  • Calculate acceleration head loss for positive displacement pumps
  • Enter the Preferred Operating Range (POR) and Allowable Operating Range (AOR) for a pump and display it in the Pump vs. System Curve
  • Set Power or Efficiency as the default for pump curves
  • Set default for Always Control Never Fail on Control Valves
  • Gives a cautionary message if flow is outside of resistance curve range


  • Export data to specific cells within Excel
  • Create Design Alerts by simply right-clicking on cell or column header to create a Design Alert, add to the Excel Export Manager, copy data, find on the Workspace, sort and change units
  • Identify Design Alerts through highlights on the transient pipe, junction and summary tables
  • Added additional heat transfer parameters

 Model Data

  • Create more accurate models through additional parameters such as insulation thickness
  • Find any object on the Workspace by right-clicking a pipe or junction

 Visual Report

  • Toggle between image and data options in a user-friendly interface


  • Includes a new extensive fluid database NIST REFPROP which supports pure fluids and mixtures


  • XTS
    • Multi-condition event logic allows an event to be started based on logical conditions using ‘and’, ‘or’, and ‘not’
    • New Event Manager allows events to be created, named and then used at many junctions at the same time