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AFT Lunch and Learn Graphic
Yes! Let's have lunch.

AFT will have a tasty lunch delivered and host an awesome discussion aboutpipe systemspumpscompressorsheat transferany industry! any system! and how you can maximize your AFT models.

You might have AFT software… but are you using it to its full ability?

Even our most loyal customers are often surprised to learn about features they never realized existed, or shortcuts that make the modeling process easier than before.  

With each new release, AFT incorporates a minimum of 30 and up to 60+ new features or enhancements. In the past few alone we have added:

  1. Multi-Scenario Comparison
  2. Automated Network Sizing
  3. Import piping layouts from CAESAR II® Neutral files and Piping Component Files(*.pcf).
  4. EPANET import / export
  5. Enhanced Excel integration and a new Excel Export Manager
  6. 2D or isometric user interface
  7. Extensive pump properties enhancements
  8. Significantly enhance Visual Reporting
  9. Enhanced compressor performance abilities
  10. Significantly enhanced heat transfer capability

And these are just the top 10!  Schedule a lunch and learn today.

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