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Optimization of Sea Water Pumping System

Joseph M. Thorp, Aramco Services Company and Jeffrey A. Olsen, Applied Flow Technology - Presented at the 24th International Pump Users Symposium (now the Turbomachinery and Pump Symposia)


This paper describes the optimization of a high-pressure seawater pipeline being constructed to increase oil production from an oil field in Khurais, Saudi Arabia. Consisting of approximately 145 km of pipeline and several pumping stations, the optimization addressed both initial operational requirements and planned expansions over ten years and included both first and life-cycle costs.

Key to this optimization were the capabilities provided in AFT Mercury, Applied Flow Technology's system optimization software. Starting from a well-engineered design, life cycle cost savings of $104 million was realized demonstrating the significant savings possible from using optimization technology.

View the full paper presented at the Pump Symposium by clicking here.