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Positive Displacement Pumps

A wide range of applications make use of positive displacement (PD) pumps. AFT Fathom can model positive displacement pumps by assigning a fixed flowrate through the pump. This flowrate is the average flowrate of the PD pump during operation.

AFT Impulse can also model PD pumps. Similar to AFT Fathom, AFT Impulse can model the average flow through the pump. With its transient capabilities, AFT Impulse can also model the system transients that occur during PD pump startup or shutdown.

AFT Impulse can also model the pulsing transients from PD pumps. This can help locate and size gas accumulators.

Pulsations caused by several PD pump configurations can lead to undesirable vibrations. The AFT Impulse Pulsation Frequency Analysis Module can determine the acoustic natural frequencies of a system and determine the pressure response of a PD pump operating at speeds that excite this frequency.

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