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AFT Blog

Welcome to the Applied Flow Technology Blog where you will find the latest news and training on how to use AFT Fathom, AFT Arrow, AFT Impulse, AFT xStream and other AFT software products.

Setting Excel Add-in Units

You can show the engineering units for each parameter used in the Excel Add-In. Paste the function "ParameterUnits" and specify the parameter argument, and the units for that parameter will be displayed

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Configuring the Output Data

The content and format of the output can be controlled using the Options | Output Control menu item. The properties to be displayed in the output can be selected. If the desired display units for a property differ for a property, the new units can be specified in the output control window. A specific output configuration can be set to be the default configuration used every time SteamCalc is started. In addition, multiple output configurations can be saved to a file and recalled at a later time using the Save/Load Preferences buttons.

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Setting the Default Property Unit Values

The units displayed for the calculated output values can be set by selecting the Options | Unit Preferences menu item. Each property can be selected from the list, and the preferred units applied by selecting the desired unit from the list, and clicking the Set As Preferred Unit button. The units that appear in the list of available units for the input properties can be controlled by checking or unchecking the box next to each unit listed for a property. The selected units can be set as the user's default, so they are used every time the user starts SteamCalc. Multiple...

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Calculating Saturated Liquid or Vapor Properties

To calculate the saturated liquid or vapor properties, select the input property as Property #1. Then select either Saturated Liquid or Saturated Vapor as Property#2.

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Calculating Properties for a Range of Values

To calculate properties over a range of values, select the Range tab on the main SteamCalc window. This tab allows you to enter a fixed point for the first property, and a range of values for the second property. The calculated values are displayed in the output grid based on an incremental range value that you specify. The values for a range calculation can be plotted graphically by selecting the Options | Create Graph menu item.

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Calculating Properties at Two Points

To calculate the properties of two points simultaneously, select the Two Points tab on the main SteamCalc window. This tab allows you to enter the property data for two points. The results for both points will be displayed simultaneously. In addition, the difference between the values calculated at each point is displayed in the output.

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Changing the Property Database

The property database used to calculate the water and steam properties in SteamCalc can be changed by selecting the appropriate database from the Options | Select Property Database menu item. The database currently being used is displayed at the bottom of the main SteamCalc window.

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